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Measuring the indoor radiation levels is a crucial part of Overland Park Kansas home ownership. Radon is a colorless, irradiated vapor that is formed by the decomposition of radium. Radiation, in its natural form, is found in most soils and groundwater in Overland Park KS but it can be a serious health threat if it is inhaled. Because radon is found in the ground, it can seep into your home through gaps and cracks in the foundation. In addition, radon can also contaminate well water which may contribute to development of cancer in the digestive organs. Airborne radon is known as a common contributor to pulmonary carcinoma for Overland Park Kansas residents.

Radon testing is important because if elevated levels of the gas are found in your Overland Park KS home, you can employ several methods to remedy it. Radon testing is especially important for those who smoke. In Overland Park Kansas, radon testing can be done two different ways: Passive or active radon measurements. You can purchase radon testing kit to set up yourself or hire a qualified Overland Park, Kansas professional to deploy the test using sensitive radiation measurement instruments. With a passive radon testing device, you don’t need power for it to function. In order to perform a passive radon test in your Overland Park KS home, you will need a charcoal canister or liquid scintillation device (both are highly accurate.)

Active radon testing devices, on the other hand, require power to function and continuously measure and record radon in the Overland Park Kansas air. Active radon testing devices are more reliable than passive radon devices and they are often used by radon remediation professionals in the Overland Park KS 66062 area. It is important to note that most Johnson County air quality professionals suggest using a long term radon test because it will provide a better assessment of how much radon is in your Overland Park Kansas home. Short term radon tests, even those that are completed in a couple of days, can give the occupant an indication of whether or not they are in immediate danger.

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There are several radon testing methods available in Overland Park Kansas. When elevated radon levels are detected, it is advisable to install a radon mitigation system in the home. Active Soil Depressurization is the most common application. Other radon mitigation methods available in Overland Park KS are: pressurization, heat recovery ventilation, sealing cracks or gaps, and aerating radon from the Johnson County water source. It is important to note that there are many safety benefits that come with radon testing and remediation, especially when it comes to guarding the welfare of your loved-ones. For Overland Park KS families who live in "pockets" where the risk of radon gas is high (such as the 66062 area), action should be taken to test and mitigate.

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